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Our immediate sales and marketing help includes:

Professional IT interim sales experts (or other industry sales) that know your product, your market and industry, experienced in IT and Telecoms (and other markets) -- including interim IT sales managers, marketing managers, IT sales executives, IT sales contractors and IT sales temps.

At rates from £350 per day - depending on contract length.

Why recruit an expensive “full time” heavyweight sales team or sales executive? - that may not be needed full time.

Our Sales Rescue interim sales executives are available NOW! - in the UK and worldwide.

Our sales professionals are available - from 1 week to 6 months or longer - for clients that need fast sales help.

We provide experienced sales and marketing professionals including:

Interim marketing executive, interim marketing managers, interim executive manager, UK interim management, UK interim manager, interim sales management, interim sales managers, sales effectiveness consultant, sales coaching team, independent sales contractor.

Experienced corporate sales staff may only be required for short or medium term periods or even perhaps once or twice a year e.g. early stage technology companies - often venture capital backed - who often can not afford the high salaries of permanent experienced sales executives - and need to increase shareholder value quickly. Good sales executives are difficult to find, particularly those able to sell complex new technology software and hardware solutions in the very competitive IT and Telecoms industry.

Our sales and marketing skills include:

Increase sales marketing strategy, increase in sales immediately, sales process consulting, sales effectiveness consulting business, sales specialist recruitment, advanced sales manager support, sales team motivation.

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Knight Hamilton provide senior executives and managers as well as key sales, marketing and technical candidates.

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Please contact us with your required job role and objectives. We will then obtain the specific contractor or interim manager for you within a few days.

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