Corporate Training

Knight Hamilton provides corporate training for business development, sales, marketing, technical management and technical skills etc.

Corporate business training

Training will be provided by us or by one of our carefully selected and proven associates specialising in niche industry areas and managed by us. We will ensure at all times that the highest standards of training are met and that the training achieves our clients specific criteria and delivers true value.

Our Training areas include:

  • Sales, Marketing and Business Development Training
  • Management training including IT /Telecoms management and project management
  • Technical Training in many areas

Our Sales and Business Development Training Areas include:

  • Closing sales, New business sales, Account development
  • Major account development and management
  • Enterprise sales
  • Sales motivation
  • IT and Telecoms markets and applications
  • Telemarketing, telesales, call agents training
  • Business development
  • Channel development, recruitment and management
  • Seminar speaking, Public speaking
  • Negotiation skills

Our Technical Training in many areas includes:

  • All of the latest skills and technologies, including MS Skills (.NET) and Java etc.
  • E-commerce, M-commerce, CRM, SAP, ASP, Security
  • Web site design strategies, web development and Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Mobile 3G developments, improving ARPU, content management, billing systems
  • Broadband, telco networks, billing systems
  • Mainframe and legacy systems

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Client Services

Knight Hamilton provide senior executives and managers as well as key sales, marketing and technical candidates.

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