In-House Recruitment

Knight Hamilton offers the option of us working on our clients premises to act as In-House Recruiters for an agreed period in order to recruit new staff for our clients.

This is typically when a client does not have an experienced recruiter on their own staff and need new staff urgently. We can recruit in-house on our clients premises to carry out the complete search, interview and hiring process.

Recruiting a large number of staff is a great deal of work. Reading endless CVs from adverts, co-ordinating CVs from recruitment agencies, telephone screening, time consuming interviews with candidates. All this costs a lot of time and money. Knight Hamilton is a professional and experienced recruitment company and can perform the complete recruitment task quickly for our clients.

We work for a daily fee and are available immediately. This can be a low cost and effective method of recruitment. Using this approach we can fully evaluate our clients existing requirements and company culture etc. -- Therefore we can recruit highly suitable staff in a short time.

William Knight-Hamilton (our managing director) is also available as an interim recruiter for our clients.

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Knight Hamilton provide senior executives and managers as well as key sales, marketing and technical candidates.

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